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How Do I? - Most Commonly Asked Questions

The TBW is Green?!

Why did the TBW choose the color green as their main color?

When people  think about our communities we want them to think of well kept homes and lawns, nice landscaping, and tree lined streets.  We want them to think about Independence Park and Tussing Elementary as places that they can take their children to play.  We want them to go on picnics, play games in the grass and go for walks.  We want residents to come outside and enjoy their community.  Taking all of these into consideration we wanted to pick a color that best represented the grass, trees, and parks and so we chose the color green.

What does the TBW do to help the environment?

·         The TBW recycles all unused and outdated brochures and flyers

·         The TBW recycles all ink cartriges

·         The TBW tries to purchase as many recycled products as possible

·         The TBW's new computer was designed with facial regognition log in.  This way not only is your information safer, after 30 seconds, if the coordinator is not directly in front of the computer working, it will lock the computer and go to a power save screen.

·         We have begun holding a community clean up event twice a year

The TBW Collects Box Tops for Education!

The TBW collects Box Tops for Education!  Because our community is split between two school systems though, so are our box tops.  We want to make sure everyone in our community, especially the children, benefit from this program!

If You Have a Protection Order Against Someone You Can Get a Temporary CCW Permit...

A person that has a "protection order" against someone can get an "emergency" temporary concealed weapon license for 90 days without going through the application procedure and waiting period.
The law allows for issuance of an emergency license under "extraordinary" circumstances involving imminent danger of one’s person or a member of their family.  Evidence of imminent danger includes, but is not unlimited to protection orders or other government documents.
There is a $30 application fee, finger prints are required and the applicant must be at least 21 year of age.


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