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Is every meeting equally important to attend?
How Do I? - Most Commonly Asked Questions

It's a little difficult to determine if one meeting is more important than another as we try to cover different concerns at each (so people don't get bored) and each person may have different interests, questions or concerns.  January and October meetings are going to be a little bit longer because they are our all block watch meetings so we try to throw in free food and kids activities.  2009 was an exception because the TBW received Pride Week which ultimately ended with us having to call several all block watch meetings that were a little longer (within a 3 months’ time frame).  2010 will be more spread out with individuals only needing to attend 3-4 meetings throughout the entire year.

Because attendance is watched so closely by the city (and in part by our standards as well) we like to see more individuals there obviously.  A lot of people don't realize that not only are we required to maintain a 50% status, the status of our attendance, growth and involvement has been the primary backbone of the grant funding we receive and of course the reason that our crime has gone down. 

It can get a little tricky some times if you have 600+ members and you only see a % of those showing up or responding to emails.  You start to wonder, is our email working properly, are people paying attention, have people moved, etc. 

If you can make it to even just one meeting, it is greatly appreciated.  If something comes up and you can't make it, just let us know and we will make sure to mark you down as still active!



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