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Social Networking is the new craze.  People are back in touch with friends their grew up with and are keeping in touch with family and friends across the world.

So what’s the real risk?

Scams:  Phishing, Hidden URL’s, chain letters and more scams are frequently seen as it relates to social networking sites.  The best way to protect yourself against these risks is to educate yourself on what they are. 

Security Settings:  When you first set up an account, make sure you go in an set  your security settings so that no one other than your friends has the ability to see your personal information.

Predators:  Parents should watch their children closely when they are on social networking sites.  Although most sites require that children be of 16 years or older, it is common for kids to create pages with false birthdays.  If you know that your child has a MySpace or Facebook account, get one too!  Pay attention to who their friends are and what is being posted.  Be cautious of anyone who is not within the same age group as your child, soliciting conversations or friend requests.

People Searches: While people searches are great to help organizations research individuals, the truth is that people searches pull much of their information from social networking sites.  While some search engines may allow you to remove your information from their website, that does not mean that your information is being removed from the source providing them the information.

We are currently working on compiling a list of programs that will remove the information for you but as of right now, sites such as www.reputationdefender.com will do it for a monthly fee.

So, to help you with these issues and more, we’ve attached several articles on what to look for and how to fix it.


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