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"Weed Week" is the first week of May

Complaints are addressed according to the order that they were received except for "emergency" orders

  • Grass must be 12 inches in height to violate city code.
  • The original violation notice will have a 10 day period to obtrain compliance.
  • If code enforcement cannot obtain service, they will post the notice to the door and take a picture.
  • If non-compliant and the premises is vacant, code enforcement will turn the complaint over to Marty Cahill, their abatement coordinator.  The notice then gets placed on the abatement list to be abated at a future date.
  • If non-compliant and the premises is occupied, a warning letter will be sent to owner with a 15 day compliance period.
  • If non-compliant after the warning letter, the code officer will file a criminal affidavit against the owner.


Please see the attachment below for additional Code Enforcement information.

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