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Meetings/Functions Policy
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*Meetings/Functions: Because the Tussing Block Watch is involved in so many wonderful projects within the community such as community clean ups, National Night Out and workshops, the Tussing Block Watch holds quarterly meetings instead of monthly. This alleviates some of the scheduling conflicts our members have and the amount of time we take our members away from their families and allowing them to participate in more community activities. 

Understand though that fewer meetings do not mean less communication, nor do they mean less crime fighting! Because we maintain a constant communication with our residents, we feel that urgent matters can be covered in email updates allowing the quarterly meetings to feature guest speakers aimed at the issues we are experiencing. In the event that we need to call an emergency meeting to address an issue, we will.

Tussing Block Watch meetings are run by the President/Coordinator. While everyone is allowed a voice, anyone becoming argumentative, insulting or disruptive will be escorted from the meeting by the Columbus Police Department.

All Tussing Block Watch meetings have a police officer present, whether he/she is in uniform or in plain clothes. 

Please see our calendar for specific meeting details.



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