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Reporting Crime Policy
The TBW - Policies & Procedures

*Reporting Crime: Members of the Tussing Block Watch are to act as the eyes and ears for the Columbus Police Department. If you witness suspicious activity or a crime in progress, call the Columbus Police Department IMMEDIATELY! The non emergency phone number for the Columbus Police Department is 614-645-4545. For all life threatening emergencies, CALL 911. Please visit our Emergency Contacts page for additional details on what number to call and under what circumstance.


The Tussing Block Watch does not have a foot patrol and we do not have an active crime patrol at this time. Members of the Tussing Block Watch are instructed to carry on with their normal daily activities but to be aware of the environment around them. If something looks out of the ordinary or suspicious, members are to immediately contact the Columbus Police Department at 614-645-4545. Members are NOT to approach a suspicious individual or vehicle. Doing so can put yourself and others in danger.


Members are encouraged to take detours or alternate routes through the neighborhood while in their vehicle, in an effort to help deter and report crime.  However, members are NOT to stop and/or exit their vehicle if they see suspicious activity. Please take note of the suspicious person/vehicle/location and immediately call the Columbus Police Department.


If you have a Concealed Carry Permit or are interested in carrying a concealed weapon, please check out the Concealed Carry Laws for the State of Ohio. Please also keep in mind that Concealed Carry Laws are not the same in each state so if you are traveling, please make sure you are aware of that state’s laws for carrying a concealed weapon.


We will first request that a Liaison Officer with the Columbus Police Department speak with any member who is found to be violating this policy and/or putting themselves in danger. If necessary, that member will be removed from the membership list for the Tussing Block Watch for their own safety and the safety of our members.


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