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Faces of Crime!

The individuals that you see below are being saught after for commiting a crime.  If you recognize any of these individuals, click on their picture to learn more about their crime and who you should contact to report their whereabouts.

We apologize but due to a glitch that we have not yet been able to identify, all current photographs will need to be viewed by PDF. 

To view this PDF, you can click here, or scroll down to the bottom of the page for the document.

  William Spikes (Aggravated Robbery)  Steven A. Simms (Theft)  Odos Nabors (Forgery)  Donald B. Reid (OVI - Impaired)

David Bartlett (OVI-Impaired)  Andrew Tucker (Rape)  Alphonso Reed (Felonious Assault)     

  Timothy Hall (Murder)    Regis Dickerson (Felonious Assault)  Landon Craft (Breaking & Entering)  Keenan Freeman (Burglary)


 (click for video)

          Dustin Wallace (Robbery)

Wendell Watkins Sr. (Aggravated Burglary)  Timothy Bryant (Motor Vehicle Theft)  Roy Davies (Sexual Offender: Fail to Register)  Osman Hamza (Forgery, Possessing Criminal Tools)  Kevin Waldo (Sexual Offender: Fail to Register)  Kadir Saban (Sexual Offender: Fail to Register)

Jason Morse (Sexual Offender: Fail to Register)  Gregory Phillips (Unauthorized Use of Motor Vehicle)  Edward Brown (Sexual Offender: Fail to Register) 


Isaiah_Hunter  8H1146445  John_Pinson  Polaris_Theft_Suspect_2  Esse_Munobe  phrob

   Chipotle 2 Chiptole 1 Chipotle 3

Antwon Bradford (Aggravated Robbery)  Clinton Dalton III (Burglary)  Darrell Garrett (Sexual Offender: Fail to Register)  Dennis Pizarro (Felony Theft)  John Short (Felony Theft)

Rodney Carter (Sexual Offender/Fail to Register)  Roger Lago (Sexual Offender/Fail to Register)  Talvi Hunter (Sexual Offender/Fail to Register)  Whitehall Credit Union 3-04-10 BWhitehall Credit Union 3-04-10 A

Bobby Dukes (Tampering w/Evidence)  Donald Adkins (Sexual Offender/Fail to Register)  Foster Beveridge (Identity Fraud/Forgery)  Gary Haenzel (Sexual Offender/Fail to Register)  Howard Amison (Burglary)  Markese Gardner (Robbery)

Farmers Citizens Bank 2-08-10 AFarmers Citizens Bank 2-08-10 BFarmers Citizens Bank 2-08-10 BKey Bank 1-29-10 AKey Bank 1-29-10 BKey Bank 1-29-10 C

Taiseer Juwehan (Passing Bad Checks)  Stephen Estep (OMVI)  Joseph Collins, Jr. (Receiving Stolen Property)  Joseph Collins (Receiving Stolen Property)  Jeylani Sheikh (Felonious Assault)  Eric Miller (Kidnapping and Aggravated Robbery)

Billy Ray Brown, Jr. (Felonious Assault)  Timothy_Johnson  Timothy_Davidson  Star Cinema 1Star Cinema 7 Star Cinema 5

  Demetrius Brown (Robbery)  Earnest Blanton (Theft)  Lloyd Calloway (Theft)  Michael Forrest (Aggravated Robbery)  Tony Bellar (Aggravated Robbery)

Allen Desohn Edwards (Aggravated Robbery)  Christian Trevethan (Non Support of Dependents)  Elijah Wonjah (Failure to Register)  Gregory Winstead (Failure to Register)  Michael Murphy, Jr. (Non Support of Dependents)

Miguel Bawuah (Non Support of Dependents)  Robert Skipper (Non Support of Dependents)  Terry Johnson (Aggravated Robbery)  Timothy Ziegler (Receiving Stolen Property, Criminal Tools)  Leonard_Bankston

Arthur Street (Aggravated Robbery)  Billy Ray Brown, Jr. (Felonious Assault)  James Grady, Jr. (Grand Theft Auto)  Nitchell Cumberland (Receiving Stolen Property)  Shaun Wilson (Theft)

Tray Edwards (Felonious Assault)  Victor Collier (Felonious Assault)  Juan Beltram AKA Pierre Chastain-Larios (Felonious Assault)  Nathaniel Lee (Complicity)

Eric_Ward  Tony Gordon  Wilber_Alvarado

ARRESTED!!! Mark_MitchellMitchell[1] ARRESTED!!!

ARRESTED!!! Ernest Allman ARRESTED!!! 

 ARRESTED!!! Fred Brooks (Murder) ARRESTED! ARRESTED!!!  

Rocky_Castle  Curt Moore (Theft)  Ian Baggett (Domestic Violence)  Jimmie Tatum, Jr (Aggravated Robbery)  Jorge Maldonado-Iquique (Felonious Assault)

Mark Berry (OMVI, Domestic Violence)  Muhammed Rohailla (Theft by Deception)  Stephanie Carles (Felony Theft)  Steven Barnard (OMVI)  Walter McPeek (Passing Bad Checks)

Johnny_Marcum  Joshua_Gensch  Alejandro Blancas (Murder)  Stanley Franklin (Kidnapping)  Darwan Stone (Complicity)

Harold Martin (Domestic Violence)  Nelson Baughman, Jr (Grand Theft Auto)     

  Richard Hubb (Robbery)  Dontez Price (Burglary)  Randy Pendleton (Theft)  Jason Metts (Felonious Assault)

Christopher Brown (Burglary)  Damon  Reynolds (Robbery)  Joseph Collins (Robbery)  SiegfriedHochbein  Marzett_Hawkins_III

fletcher  robbery-car-wash-3robbery-car-wash  aaron_callihan  paul-hairston-jr


justin-williams  PHILLIP ALFREDO CANDELARIO  snapshot-6snapshot-1snapshot-2

steven_kirk  teshawn_whitson1  donte_haley1  vlcsnap-9731841vlcsnap-9708331

anthony-muntz  david_canter  dikembe_locke  virgil-mcclendon  hyde-park-composite 

rodney_duncan1  composite_sketch12  michelle_butcher



 camera_2-51camera_2-31  arturo-castillo  briandavis1  christopher_boggs1

worthington-2worthington-theft1worthington-3  cow-13-32  maurice-williams 

Burglary McCarley DriveBurglary West Side  aggrrobbery  george_holston1

cow142009-0011cow142009-002        Man Sought In 5 Check Cashing RobberiesMan Sought In 5 Check Cashing RobberiesCashing Robberies

  cow8_32  kevin_burnette1  fransisco_silva1  jesse_frazier1



  Adrian Galicia (Receiving Stolen Property)  Anthony Cook (Murder)  Bobby Cline, Jr., (Receiving Stolen Property)


For More Information on Wanted, Missing and Other Crime Information,

please visit the Central Ohio Crime Stoppers website at www.stopcrime.org

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