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On January 6, 2005 at approximately 10:35 a.m., Officer Bryan Hurst was working special
 duty at the Fifth Third Bank at 6265 E Broad Street when a man in a ski mask with a chrome, semi-automatic handgun came in and tried to rob the bank using a "takeover" style of holdup.  The suspect began ordering people to the ground, and upon seeing the officer, immediately began advancing on and firing at him.  Officer Hurst moved to a different position in the lobby in order to protect the bank’s employees and customers and returned fire, striking the suspect in the arm and hand.  Officer Hurst then took cover behind the front counter, but the suspect leaned over the counter and shot him just above the protective bulletproof vest that he was wearing, damaging several major vessels and severing his aorta.  Despite being wounded, Officer Hurst was able to return fire preventing the suspect from obtaining any money or injuring anyone else.

The suspect fled from the bank through the shattered front door and went south on McNaughten Road.  Detectives on the scene
followed a blood trail out of the bank and into the parking lot and although police locked down the area and even searched a nearby apartment complex, the killer had escaped.


Although Officer Hurst was transported to Grant Hospital, he had been fatally wounded, leaving behind a wife and a six month old daughter.  Officer Bryan Hurst, 33-years-old, was an eight-year veteran of the Columbus Police Department and the 53rd Columbus police officer killed in the line of duty.

Two days after the robbery attempt, the suspect went to the Howard University Hospital in Washington, DC to seek treatment for a gunshot wound to his hand. According to police, the suspect told doctors he'd been the victim of a robbery, during which he'd been shot.  Under new regulations included in the "PATRIOT Act" passed by congress after 9/11, hospitals cannot treat patients injured in a criminal act without proof of identification. So, Daryl Martez Lawrence, age 29 showed hospital officials his Ohio driver's license.  The hospital officials found Lawrence's story to be fishy, so they contacted the police in
Washington, who in turn called the Columbus Police Department, asking them to confirm Lawrence's story.  By the time they determined how Lawrence was really injured; he had fled from the hospital and returned to Columbus with his girlfriend.  The identity of Daryl Lawrence was immediately released to the media and a nationwide hunt was underway when patrol officers in Columbus responded to a domestic violence call.  The call came from the home of Lawrence's girlfriend – and when cops went inside, they found the fugitive hiding in the basement. Daryl Lawrence was arrested without incident on January 9th, 2005 and was charged with three counts of bank robbery and for Officer Hurst's murder.

Daryl Lawrence was convicted of the three counts of bank robbery and as a result was sentenced to life in prison for those crimes.  In addition, he was convicted of murdering Officer Hurst during the robbery and because the jury found that he knowingly and with intent shot and killed Officer Hurst, they recommended the death sentence.







This event forever changed the lives of everyone who was present and everyone who lost their friend, family member, co-worker and protector on January 6, 2005.










The Officer Hurst Memorial Monument will be constructed and placed in front of 6265 E Broad St.


The proposed over all dimensions are 6'-0" high x 2'-4" wide by 8" thick and will be made of a 6" reinforced concrete block core with black 3/4" thick standard granite veneer top and four sides. A single in-grade up-light will light the monument at night.


At the top of the monument will be an inscription of Officer Hurst’s badge, a photo of Officer Hurst in uniform, and the following message


In Honor Of the

Ultimate Sacrifice and Memory

Bryan S. Hurst

Officer, Columbus, Ohio Division of Police

Killed in the line of duty January 6, 2005,

who through his actions

saved the lives of many.

 Past events in which we have raised funds for the Officer Hurst Memorial Monument include:

July 23rd - City of Columbus National Night Out Kick Off

August 8nd - Fort Rapids

August 16th - Bob Evans

August 31st - 343 Tavern

(click on the event for additional details)

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