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2/15/09 Update:  Although the current economy makes this goal seem grim, as we continue to push forward, this will continue to be a goal of the Tussing Block Watch.  In the mean time, if you know of any neighborhood kids who are looking for activities to get involved in, please have them consider some of the projects the block watch is working on, or call 2-1-1 for other community activities available.

It is the goal of the block watch that as we move forward and secure our status of a non-profit, to acquire a building through grants and turn it into a community youth center.  It is obvious that the teens in the area need a safe place to hang out and the block watch wants them to have that.  I have talked to many of the teens in the area and activity ideas include an indoor basketball court, dodge ball court, a projection screen for movies and PS2 competitions, indoor batting cages and an outdoor field for football games.

Teens would be required to show their ID and to sign in once arriving so that their parents can get a hold of them if needed and we would have metal detectors at the entrances to ensure no weapons are coming in.  As we move forward with this project, understanding that it will be a few years in the making, we want to ensure that we are keeping the entire community in mind.  Parents want to know that their teens have a safe place to hang out, but at the same time have some freedom to be a teen.


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